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Minnesota Vikings DE Everson Griffen refuses to leave home after firing weapon



Article Summary:

EAGAN, Minn. – The Minnesota Vikings and the Minnetrista Police Department are dealing with an ongoing situation involving defensive end Everson Griffen, who has refused to come out of his residence after making a series of disturbing posts on Instagram earlier Wednesday morning claiming that someone was in his home trying to kill him.

According to the news release, law enforcement and Vikings team psychologists have been in communication with Griffen since approximately 7 a.m. but Griffen has refused to come out of his residence.

Early Wednesday morning, Griffen made several Instagram posts, all of which have been deleted, including a video that showed the defensive end inside his home with a pistol, which he said belongs to him. “It’s really about him.”

In his first stint with the Vikings, Griffen took a monthlong hiatus during the 2018 season to focus on his health and well-being after the team ordered him to undergo a mental health evaluation and after two incidents involving police authorities led to him being hospitalized.

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