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SB Nation Reacts: We have reached double figures!

SB Nation


Article Summary:

The percentage of fans that are now confident in the direction of the team has now more than quadrupled from where it was last week!

(Yes, that would be even more impressive if last week’s figure hadn’t been 5%…work with me, folks. Here’s the full trend from the beginning of the season:

Post-2021 NFL Draft: 96% Week 1: 61% Week 2: 34% Week 3: 38% Week 4: 76% Week 5: 14% Week 6: 24% Week 7: 36% Week 8: 54% Week 9: 2% Week 10: 5% Week 11: 21%

Again, it’s perfectly acceptable to have not totally bought into this team at this point…after all, we’ve seen this before, even this season, and there’s always the chance that our favorite team will go out and soil themselves at the worst possible time. I’m going to bet that if the Vikings win their second straight this weekend, that number is going to be a whole lot higher going into Week 12’s trip to San Francisco.

But, those are your SB Nation Reacts results from fans of the Minnesota Vikings for this week, ladies and gentlemen.

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