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Grading NFL’s next generation of quarterbacks: Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow flash in fun battle

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Article Summary:

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Best Throws:

On his second throw of the game, Herbert seemingly defied the laws of physics throwing a rifle shot to his right while running left. 4 View Profile

Best throws:

Midway through the first, Burrow stepped into a clean pocket and ripped a long throw to Tee Higgins near the sideline for 21 yards.

Worst throws:

On the first play of the second quarter, Burrow had a well-constructed pocket but missed on a long throw near the sideline to Tee Higgins. In the fourth, he threw with a touch of anticipation on a rifle shot to Moore over the middle for 18.

Worst Throws:

Wilson missed a wide open Moore in the end zone on a short throw.

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