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NFL playoff picture 2021 — Week 16 standings, bracket, clinching scenarios, division races and postseason outlook



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Kansas City Chiefs – y

FPI chances to make playoffs: Clinched FPI chances to win division: Clinched

The Chiefs became the first AFC team to officially make the playoffs, much less win their division, after Sunday’s dominating victory over the Steelers. Cincinnati Bengals

FPI chances to make playoffs: 80% FPI chances to win division: 73% Current projected first-round matchup: vs. Patriots

The Bengals’ two-game winning streak has lifted them into the top spot in the division at a time when the Ravens have lost four consecutive games, the Browns have lost twice in a row and the Steelers have dropped four of their past six games. New England Patriots

FPI chances to make playoffs: 97% FPI chances to win division: 11% Current projected first-round matchup: at Bengals

The Patriots have lost two consecutive games after a seven-game winning streak. Had the Browns completed their comeback and left Lambeau Field with a win, the Packers would have faced the strong possibility of falling out of the top seed in the NFC. All it would have taken was the Cowboys winning a home game against Washington, an outcome that would have elevated the Cowboys to No. 1.

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