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What happens in NFL head-coaching interviews? ‘It’s not about the X’s and O’s, it’s about the CEOs’



Article Summary:

Who’s ready for another round of musical candidates?

Better question: What really happens in the room where it happens?

ESPN spoke to a half-dozen people involved in the interview process to formulate a picture, and there were two prevailing takeaways: The coaching candidates, already known for fastidious game preparation, apply the same obsessiveness to interview prep.

Fitting, right? Jets for the Jets.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, teams relied on virtual interviews last offseason, especially for the first round of interviews.

By the time Levy’s clients get to the actual interview, they will have been furnished with detailed reports that include the team’s cap situation, team needs, scouting reports and an explanation on what went wrong with the previous coaching staff. “It’s like a chef going for an interview at a restaurant and leaving his recipe book for them to look through. Now, guys are keeping it close to the vest. They’d rather show a PowerPoint that they don’t have to leave there.”

Not every interview is a home run.

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