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Plans for Mike Zimmer revealed in recent report



Article Summary:

The Minnesota Vikings have reportedly made a decision on the future of head coach Mike Zimmer and general manager Rick Spielman.

The report says that Minnesota is “Expected to move on from head coach Mike Zimmer this week” with Rick Spielman “Likely to remain with the organization.”

What would this mean for the Minnesota Vikings?

An old-school coach, Mike Zimmer has tried to win games with the mentality of playing strong defense while controlling the time of possession.

The defensive guru has also struggled to put a consistent defense on the field over the course of the last few seasons with the team placing in the bottom of most metrics other than sacks in 2021.

Moving on from Zimmer would allow Minnesota to find a more offensive-minded head coach with a more modern approach to the game. Zimmer’s exit would also likely mean changes to the rest of the coaching staff to find new coaches to support the new head coach.

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