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Some of the Top Head Coaching Candidates this Off-Season

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Not far behind that are questions like how to assess what makes for a good head coach, and whether to go with an offensive or defensive head coach, younger or older, previous experience or not, college or pro, and so forth.

The one thing that will remain a legitimate question for any offensive head coaching candidate that has an MVP-caliber quarterback is how much is the coach and how much is the quarterback? Most would say the quarterback deserves most of the credit.

Matt Campbell, Head Coach, Iowa State Cyclones

Campbell, 41, has been head coach at Iowa State since 2016 and has built a winning culture and team at Iowa State despite it being a small school without the recruiting advantages of the powerhouse programs like Alabama, Ohio State, etc.

But at the end of the day, whoever is named the new head coach, assuming the Vikings move on from Zimmer, will be a key voice in what happens with Cousins, the rest of the roster, and the existing coaching staff as well.

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