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Shocking report details Zimmer's time in Minnesota



Article Summary:

A report was recently published that featured some interesting details about the tenure of Mike Zimmer as the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings.

Ever since the Minnesota Vikings decided to part ways with Mike Zimmer about a week ago, there have several bits and pieces about his tenure as the team’s head coach that have been shared with the public. The former Vikings head coach knew it too, and these feelings are probably what led to Zimmer giving his team a pretty strange presentation during a meeting a few weeks ago.

“Ultimately the Vikings’ final two defenses under Zimmer were among the worst in the league and the team missed the playoffs both years. After a key loss in the final weeks of the season, his tone started to shift; sources said the coach gave a Wednesday presentation about all the bad things that happened to him in his eight years with the Vikings, leaving players dumbfounded.”

Pretty much everyone in the building, including Zimmer, could sense that the head coach was likely heading out the door.

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