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How to fix the Lions in 2022: Give Dan Campbell more ammunition on both sides of the ball

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Bravo on hiring Dan Campbell, one of the few first-year head coaches that actually deserves an applause despite logging a losing season in his first with the Detroit Lions. For as much ovation as Campbell deserves for being on the verge of flipping several of his losses into wins, there are obviously still some tweaks that need to occur for the Lions to take that next step.

Give Dan Campbell whatever he wants

Speaking of trying to change the Titanic’s course, say hello to Campbell, a first-year HC tasked with uplifting an entire city that is as football maniacal about its team as it is unconvinced things will ever change for the better.

The Lions finished 3-13-1 but seven of those losses were close to being victories, and I personally can’t wait to see what Campbell does in Year 2.

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