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4 QB options that fit Kevin O'Connell's Vikings



Article Summary:

The thing with Washington is that O’Connell worked with Kirk Cousins and did not have much success in the process.

There are some rumors coming out that O’Connell was not a fan of Cousins in Washington, and he was part of the coaching staff in Los Angeles that wanted to trade for Matt Stafford over Cousins at this time a year ago. In a year in which Wilson battled an injury, he suffered the only losing season of his career as Wilson went 6-8 in 2021.n

The Vikings would be a playoff team with Russell Wilson over Kirk Cousins and a trade would not be all that impossible. Minnesota could ship Cousins to Seattle on top of some mid-round picks to make it happen or they could form a three-team deal with Cousins elsewhere, Wilson to Minnesota, and picks to Seattle.

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