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Jim Harbaugh: Vikings interview was a one-time thing, I’m done chasing NFL jobs

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Article Summary:

Harbaugh told Mitch Albom of the Detroit Free Press he views winning the Super Bowl as the ultimate accomplishment in the sport of football and always wanted another shot at it after losing the Super Bowl as head coach of the 49ers.

“There was a tugging at me that I was once that close to a Super Bowl and I didn’t get it. Some NFL jobs came open. I was contacted by the Vikings. For better or for worse, it was something I wanted to explore. I went in thinking, ‘I’m gonna have 100 percent conviction on this, and if they [Minnesota] have 100 percent conviction on this, then it’s something I’m gonna do.”

But when the Vikings didn’t offer him the job, Harbaugh says he let Michigan know he won’t be looking for NFL jobs again.

“Sure, the Super Bowl is the greatest prize in our sport,” he said. If a team that appears to have most of the pieces in place to win a Super Bowl contacts him, is Harbaugh really going to say no? He might think he’s all-in on Michigan now, but this is probably not the last time we’re going to hear his name connected to the NFL coaching carousel.

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