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Could Kirk Cousins be looking for $40M per year?



Article Summary:

If the Minnesota Vikings are considering giving an extension to quarterback Kirk Cousins this year, how much might it cost for the team?

When it comes to figuring out what to do with quarterback Kirk Cousins this year, the Minnesota Vikings have a few options. The Vikings can trade Cousins, give him an extension, or figure out a way to just let him play out the final year of his current contract.

If Minnesota approaches the veteran quarterback about a possible contract extension, what sort of deal will the signal-caller be looking for?

Will Cousins be willing to take less money to help the Vikings improve other areas of their roster, or will he be looking to make as much cash as he possibly can?

An extension for Kirk Cousins could end up costing the Minnesota Vikings $40 million per year

This offseason, Minnesota will not be the only team in the NFL making a decision about a veteran quarterback.

An extension that pays Cousins $40 million per season doesn’t help Minnesota get closer to greatness, it only prevents them from being terrible


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